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Year 10 MYP Personal Project Exhibition

1 Sept 2022

Every year the Year 10 students engage in the Personal Project, the culminating activity of their journey through the Middle Years Programme. This project is student directed and focuses on:

  • their ability to determine a learning goal
  • a product to show they have achieved their learning goal
  • articulation of the process, approaches to learning skills and impact of the project on themselves or others

The project is completed through a process journal, report and product. Students are required to spend around 25 hours completing the project, but often will do more than this as it is a project based on their own passions and strengths. 

Every year we are blown away by the range and quality of projects and products that students are able to complete through this activity. Some key highlights included a resin skateboard, wooden propeller, embroidery, jewellery making, magazines, comics and the list goes on! These projects were on display in the library throughout Week 6 and it was great to see their amazing work celebrated.

Emily Johnson
Middle School Learning Leader