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Australian Youth United Nations Evatt Competition

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to represent a country at a United Nations Security Council conference? Well, luckily for us, we no longer have to wonder!

Throughout this term we have attended Flinders University a total of three times, representing three different countries - China, Albania and Norway - as part of the Australian Youth United Nations Evatt Competition.

Each round consisted of us negotiating with other ‘countries’ to make amendments and changes to resolutions, aimed to fix a global issue, presented to the United Nations Security Council. Examples of these include: ‘The question of the Fergana Valley’, ‘The question of Political Dynasties’ and ‘The question of the Solomon Islands’.

After not expecting to even make it through the heat rounds, we were blown away to receive an email informing us of our progression to the semi-final, and eventually the State grand final, at which we received an honourable mention and are now reserves for the national competition later this year.

This experience has not only helped us to develop a strong understanding of sovereignty, diplomacy and international relations, but it also allowed us to meet new people and form relationships, not just as a country alliance.

Tahlia 11RGOG and Lily 10RSOM