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From the Head of College

A Bright Future

Parents, teachers, students, relatives and friends, we are suddenly at that time of the year again, gathering to celebrate the 2022 Year 12 Class, which signals we are quickly heading to the end of the school year.

2022 has been another busy year with many changes, but it has been an exciting time as the College consolidated a new leadership structure while embarking on a transformational building program. We have a great leadership team at Concordia that thrives on change, diversity and progress. The team have worked diligently throughout the year to ensure the principles of our Unlocking Futures Learning Framework permeate teaching practice, providing a wonderful foundation for student achievement.

The rich data from the recent MMG Community Survey has provided excellent insights into potential growth areas in our academic program. This feedback will drive a school improvement plan that includes learning opportunities encompassing the right balance of intellectual challenge within a deeply pastoral environment.

The year has been a time of building for the future. This building phase has involved significant facility development and a change in leadership structure which has put in place positions and people which will drive our strategic plan of equipping students with the skills, dispositions and knowledge required to thrive in an era of rapid change.

Core areas of focus that I believe will be the catalyst to an amazing future are:

  • The increased focus on strengthening year-level programs to encompass wellbeing programs that enhance the learning focus
  • The student academic data analysis project which is transforming the way we track student growth
  • Our ELC -12 Connections project which brings increased specialty learning areas to our primary campuses
  • The development of our strategic intent to give students increased control over their learning to drive student engagement and outcomes
  • A developmental focus on social-emotional skills which drive academic success
  • Outstanding brand-new facilities in the Primary and Middle/Senior Schools, which will significantly enrich the learning experience for all students

Next year, we will see further development and improvement as we reorientate our strategic agenda into a comprehensive plan which puts student learning firmly at the centre.

Community voices captured in the MMG survey will influence this plan as the feedback received gives rise to initiatives that will shift the mindset of our students into future-focused learners who take control of their learning to maximise the opportunities presented. Exciting times are ahead!

Paul Weinert
Head of College