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What I love about teaching…

Celebrating World Teachers' Day

I made a courageous decision yesterday. I put out an email which asked a sample of our teachers to respond to me outlining what they love most about teaching. I gave them about two hours’ notice. It was courageous given the time of year and the pressures currently felt, and I was swamped with replies! A sample of the responses can be found below.

‘I love seeing the excitement on students' faces when they finally achieve a grade they have worked hard for or learn a new skill they have been trying to master!’

‘My favourite part of each day is having conversations with students. I love finding out about their passions, strengths, and future dreams. In my role, I can advocate for students and help them find pathways to realise their goals… surely this must be one of the best jobs in the world!’

‘Teaching gives me the opportunity to show students that I believe in them, even if they don’t yet believe in themselves. It’s a privilege to get to know students, earn their trust and help them to learn something new, not just about the topics that we are studying, but also about their value and potential.’

‘Having the opportunity to positively impact student lives by supporting them to achieve higher than they ever thought possible and create the memories that will last a lifetime.’

‘I love it when the penny finally drops for a student – the “I get it!” moment they have and the joy that appears on their face is the best feeling in the world.’

‘I love the collaboration and the conversations between the students. I love seeing the creative spark from the students when they discover a different way of doing something that they couldn’t do before. I love that every student teaches me something.’

World Teachers' Day is officially held on 5 October this year. All of us, adults and children, can name a teacher or teachers who impact, or have impacted, our lives in a positive way. If it is still possible, reach out and thank that teacher.

Finally, what is my favourite thing about teaching? Being surrounded by passionate teachers and support staff who love and care for your children and want each of them to be challenged to reset their own limitations in life because they believe in them.

Happy World Teachers Day!

Dennis Mulherin
Principal - Middle and Senior School