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Lutheran Women of SA & NT Encouragement Award

24 Nov 2022

On Friday 18 November, Mrs Chris Kuchel, Assistant Secretary on the Executive Committee of Lutheran Women of South Australian and the Northern Territory, attended the Middle and Senior School Assembly to present the 2022 Lutheran Women of SA & NT Encouragement Award to Alicia (11EBAB).

Criteria that are considered in determining the recipient of the award include faith in God, encouragement and care of others, service to the school and/or wider community through worship and service projects, initiative and a sense of Christian responsibility.

Alicia has displayed all of these qualities during her time at Concordia. She has filled a range of leadership roles, including in her chosen extra-curricular activities, and she has participated in service projects both within and beyond the College, including Walk My Way. Alicia also displays a commitment to her faith at all levels of school life, from presenting Devotions in Home Class to leading full-school Chapel services.

This award is well-deserved recognition of Alicia’s commitment to all aspects of College life.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Leader