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Year 5 Biblical Banquet Day

Learning about the counter-cultural nature of Jesus
24 Nov 2022

On Thursday 14 November, students in Year 5 feasted on a Bible Banquet and developed their ‘Socratic Capacities’ after researching and taking on the role of someone who encountered Jesus in Biblical times. While dressed appropriately and in character, students engaged in rigorous dialogue with the gathered populi - articulating who they were and questioning and/or justifying what society had to say about their worth and purpose as well as what Jesus said about their worth and purpose. We had a wonderful time meeting many knowledgeable people in ancient Palestine, including Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, Anna, Saul, authentically armed Roman Centurions, Samaritan women, lepers and children.

To dine together on various foods that Jesus himself would have enjoyed was a delight. Our range of characters shared a main meal which included home-made unleavened bread, hummus, olive tapenade, honey, cheese, olives and cucumbers. This was followed by dessert including melon, dried figs, sesame seed halva, grapes, apples and the finest bubbly grape juice!

We were happy to note that the ancient manners of hospitality, sharing and offering delicacies to others was alive and well in Year 5. Among many interesting concepts regarding ancient times, students also learned that Jesus turned society on its head by searching for, engaging with and showing love to all of society, particularly those who had done terrible things, were unloved, rejected or considered insignificant. Jesus is way cool.

Janine Sarson-Parker and Rebecca Geue
Year 5 Teachers