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Year 7 Zoo Media Competition

24 Nov 2022

On Wednesday 26 October, Concordia Year 7 students spent a day exploring the Adelaide Zoo. The students were very industrious as they visited various exhibits and completed a range of tasks with a focus on threatened animal species, orienteering and animal behaviour studies. This was part of their Science Classification unit. Students could also submit photos for a Zoo Media Competition. It is clear we have some passionate photographers with an eye for composition. Our three judges were:

  • Mr Mulherin (Principal Middle and Senior School)
  • Dr Smith (Acting Head of Science)
  • Ms File (Head of Media)

Congratulations to all students. Your photographs look wonderful on the walls of Murtoa.

  • 1st place | Category: Sleepy | Awarded to: Finn SCHE “The Sad Hawk”
  • 1st place | Category: Wild | Awarded to: Finn SCHE “Catwalk”
  • 1st place | Category: Black and white | Awarded to: Estelle CMAI “Black and white bird”
  • 1st place | Category: Eyes | Awarded to: Thomas SCHE “Eye”
  • 1st place | Category: Colourful | Awarded to: Oliver DLAN “Colourful feathers”
  • 1st place | Category: Free Choice | Awarded to: Talia KSPA “Donald Duck”
  • 1st place | Category: Babies and Families | Awarded to: Sanya VPER “Meerkats on parade”
  • Commendation: Oliver SCOO for capturing an audio file “Otters sneezing”

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning