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Celebrating our 26 Book Challenge

This year we had a record 100 students sign up to take part in the annual Concordia College 26 Book Challenge. The Middle and Senior School challenges were designed by members of our student Book Council. Participating students rose to the challenge of reading 26 books across the academic year from a diverse range of categories. Students said they appreciated a chance to read beyond their usual genre of choice.

On the day of our celebration, students won book vouchers, we enjoyed a variety of sweet delights, including literary-themed cupcakes, and we were treated to a visiting guest author. Our very own Tony Shillitoe (Director of Digital Resources) shared with the group his journey to become an author. Tony has written multiple books and was, in fact, the second Australian author to be given a contract for an adult fantasy series in Australia. Tony encouraged students to write and read as much as possible – there is great power in words! A special thank you to our wonderful library staff for supporting students all year with the challenge, and for hosting such a fun and inspirational event.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning