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As I walked through the Quad yesterday afternoon, I could sense a quiet calm coupled with an air of excitement which indicates we are nearing the end of the school year.

A lifetime ago, we were under COVID-19 restrictions with mandatory masks and adhering to social distancing requirements for parents and visitors. It is somewhat unfortunate that the virus continues to circulate in large numbers in the community; however, it is a testament to the resilience of our College that we have achieved so much despite the interruptions.

The College continues to be a shining light in our community, not only in the level of success we have achieved across so many academic, cultural and sporting pursuits but, more importantly, in how we have achieved this success. Achieving excellence in a spirit of humility is one of our core values at Concordia; this value has been constantly lived out throughout a stellar year of success in the classroom, the concert halls and the sporting fields. I want to thank our students for another wonderful year. Their energy, achievements and humility have defined the year and continue to give us all hope and motivation.

Of course, the end of school occurs during the season of Advent, leading up to the celebration of Christmas. The word Advent originates from the Latin word “Adventus”, which means “coming” or “arrival.” In Advent, we focus on preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ, celebrating His birth in the past and looking ahead to His Second Coming in the future.

For Christians, Advent reminds us of the reality of Jesus Christ and that He has come into the world in the humblest of ways to be present in our lives. The birth of Jesus is worth celebrating because it reveals His human side and exemplifies how we should live our lives in humble service to others.

I want to thank our teachers and support staff for their immense dedication and service throughout the year. I also thank our College Leadership Team, Board, and Sub-Committees for their invaluable guidance and leadership.

Many thanks to our parent body, who continue to support the College by entrusting their children to us and partnering with us in developing young people of vibrant spirit and strong character.

I wish all of our students and their families the very best for the Christmas season and hope our students have a relaxing break.

May 2023 be a wonderful year where they will experience the transformation of the College through the completion of the current building program.

I look forward to my sixth year of service at Concordia College, which will be incredibly exciting.

Paul Weinert
Head of College