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Year 11 Alternative Learning Day

8 Dec 2022

Having completed their Stage 1 exams in Week 7, the Year 11s enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a different kind of learning on Monday of Week 8.

In the morning, 30 Year 11s participated in a hike from Mount Lofty Summit to Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. Just as their Year 12 journey will be next year, the hike had its easy parts and its challenging parts, but throughout the morning, the students enjoyed the support and encouragement of their peers and teachers – as well as having plenty of fun along the way!

The students were divided into teams, and at the first checkpoint they channeled their creativity into making a Formal accessory using only items found in nature. Once we arrived at the Botanic Gardens, students had an opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings before coming together to participate in some hotly contested team games – accompanied by much laughter!

It was a very enjoyable morning, and we all appreciated the chance to reconnect with nature and see some less common sights, including a field of highland cows, a very friendly duck that wanted to join in our games, and a family of kangaroos (one with a joey in her pouch) bounding across the lawns at the Botanic Gardens.

In the afternoon, fifteen students completed a barista course at La Crema Coffee Roaster and seven students took part in a car maintenance course run by the RAA. We learnt valuable skills, including how to check the tread of a tyre, how to know what we can check under the car bonnet as well as how to use a jack and change a tyre.

The day was a valuable opportunity to connect with peers and learn new skills in a relaxed environment.

"It was lovely to be in nature and watch the students relax, take it all in and connect to each other and their environment". - Mrs Finnimore

“The Mt Lofty excursion was an enjoyable experience where we were able to connect with one another and build community within the cohort. The hike was a great opportunity to reflect on Year 11, going into our final year of school. We were able to observe our surroundings in nature and even saw a few kangaroos along our journey!” - Alicia (11EBAB)

Judy Harris
Year 11 Leader