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Year 5 Visual Arts – Reclaim the Void

Our Year 5 students have been involved in a large-scale, cross-cultural art project with schools and community groups across Australia. 'Reclaim the Void' was born from Ngalia elders in Leonora, Western Australia, expressing their pain and grief at “those gaping mining holes left all over our country”. The idea was conceived to symbolically ‘seal’ one of the holes with an artwork expressing the story of country. The artwork will be made from thousands of rag rugs woven with fabric on hoop looms. Our students have worked collaboratively to create 14 rag rugs, which have just been mailed off to Western Australia.

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"I think this project will help the Ngalia people reconnect with their past and their culture, especially since so much of their land was taken away." Eliza 5G

"I feel quite honoured to participate in this because it makes me feel as if I’m a part of it and I’m kind of paying my respect." Bethany 5G

Nancy Wells
Visual Arts Teacher - ELC and Primary School