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Year 6 Exhibition

During Week 6, our Year 6 students celebrated their learning journey through the presentation of their Exhibition.

The Exhibition is a culmination of the students’ experiences in the Primary Years Programme (PYP), involving the students in the acquisition and development of knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes, while also encouraging them to take action.

This year’s Exhibition fell under the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’, with the students' inquiries focussing on the central idea of ‘Human actions and decisions in sharing our planet can impact the world’.

Students were involved in advocating for a global issue that they were personally connected to and passionate about. This year’s focus for global issues was inspired by the UN Global Goals. These Global Goals gave students a relevant context for their inquiries.

The parents and families of the Year 6 students were presented with a variety of thought-provoking exhibits that included a range of creative and interactive art installations as well as engaging and hands-on displays.

With the support of mentors, guest presenters and experts, the students have been guided through their personal inquiries, collaborating to effectively communicate their message.

Through the Exhibition process, the Year 6 students demonstrated the attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and worked towards developing skills such as time and resource management, collaboration and communication skills through working with others.

Many thanks to all involved: students, volunteers, parents, teachers and support staff.

Rachel Muldoon
Primary School Learning Leader