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Year 8 Spider Plants

At the beginning of the year, 8LTHO started off with a beautiful spider plant. It sat on the sunny windowsill, leaves filled with potential and ideas. The plant watched over the class, as they went into the unknown. The class took care of it and nurtured the soil within the pot. As the year progressed, this plant blossomed into a lively, majestic plant with leaves branching from end to end. More sprouts grew as the students learnt more and developed into the students they are today. The class undertook many new lessons just as the plants undertook new growth stages. At the end of the year, the original plant had outgrown the pots and many small plants stretched to the floor. So, the class planted them into their own new homes, room for new improvements and independence. They were planted in Humanities class, as the students looked at sustainable growth. The plant that once sat on the sunny windowsill, now in new grown pots, is a reminder of how far we have come, and what is in store for the future.

Claire 8LTHO