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All Shook Up has left the building!

With packed audiences who laughed, cried, danced and shared in the absolute joy of this production, a jubilant ensemble of 120 cast, crew and pit band created some real theatrical magic at the Hopgood for Concordia’s 2023 College Musical, All Shook Up.

The student’s process as an ensemble was truly joyous and absolutely packed with opportunities for them to grow - as artists and as humans. They relentlessly rehearsed and supported one another through every twist and turn to bring this work to the Concordia community. Their work ethic, dedication, passion, talent, skill, and their combination of playfulness and discipline, built a creative process that resulted in abundant energy and connection on stage and off.

A committed and skillful team of staff walked alongside our students, guiding them to overcome challenges, learn new skills, build confidence and reach aspirational goals. Amazing educators and artists!

With a score of Elvis songs, beautifully recrafted, and a narrative inspired by Shakepeare’s brilliant romantic comedies, our students have embedded legendary work in their artistic DNA. They have embraced the themes of humanity and love, and fulfilled their responsibility to engage an audience, to entertain and inspire. So, on behalf of all our staff and students, if you made it to the Hopgood, I hope you felt as though you were entertained and inspired through experiencing Concordia’s All Shook Up.

Zoe Tidemann
Director | Producer | Drama Coordinator