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Artist-in-Residence — Karina Penhall

Our much-awaited Artist-in-Residence, Karina Penhall, finally made it to Concordia after not being able to travel due to last minute border closures and restrictions with COVID-19 over the last couple of years. Karina is a highly respected Aboriginal artist who comes from the Northern Territory and not only paints but sings for the acclaimed Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir and works closely with the Lutheran Church both reading in language and with students at Yirrara. Her deep knowledge of tradition combined with faith is something she was able to convey to all of the Art students at the Concordia Campus and a group of St John's Campus students in her week-long residency. 

It was a time of connecting and understanding for everyone and we all gained an invaluable insight into how she and her community express their vision through art. Her large artwork that developed over this time tells the story of Easter through the symbols and style of the area she comes from and is quite exciting. We hope that this is the beginning of our connections with this area as there are strong Lutheran links with the Northern Territory where many of these artists work and tell their own stories that they share.

Jane Robson
Visual Art Coordinator