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Responding to Racism Workshop

On Tuesday 21 March, ActNow Theatre group came to Concordia to present their play ‘Responding to Racism’ to a selection of Middle and Senior School students. The play challenged students to put themselves in the place of a bystander to a racist event and consider ways they may support a friend or stranger in such a situation. The presentation was extremely thought-provoking and the participatory nature of the presentation seemed to have a significant impact on students.

‘Following the Responding to Racism presentation on Tuesday, the key message explored that racism is the practice of treating someone unfairly due to their race or ethnicity. The play showed that we are all equal and should be treated with respect, so evaluating someone based on these characteristics is unacceptable. I admired how the presentation was interactive with the audience, allowing students to practice standing up for others that are facing racial discrimination or abuse. The presentation made it clear to us just how damaging and painful racism can be and how crucial it is to combat it. This can be accomplished by standing up for those subjected to unfair treatment and showing kindness and inclusivity to everyone we encounter.’ - Theo 12CFIN

Daniel Wood
Senior School Leader