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Year 5 Futures Learning

On Thursday, 30 March, the Year 5 students began participating in Futures Learning workshops where they engage in learning experiences that facilitate connection and communication with diverse people, communities and industry. Students elected an area of interest from either STEM, Reconciliation or Literature to form connections with experts from those arenas in the professional world.

Dr David Bird from the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program shared some of his experiences working for NASA and the University of Adelaide. He then helped us make electromagnets from ordinary batteries, nails, foil and sticky tape. Karina Napangardi Penhall shared some of her work as an artist, illustrating the Last Supper and inspiring us to make our own artworks. Ms Annie Waters from Mostly Books in Mitcham Square inspired us with the wonderful world of literature and how it helps transform and create our world.

The students are looking forward to continuing this work each term throughout the coming year. Thank you so much to all the people collaborating to make this special program happen, including Dr David Bird, Ms Annie Waters, Karina Napangardi Penhall, Nolene Gehling and Nancy Wells.

Tom Baxter, Courtney Morgan and Rebecca Geue
The Year Five Team