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A message from the St John’s Campus Principal

Off to a Great Start

I am pleased to report that our new school year here at the St John’s Campus of Concordia commenced very positively last week. It was wonderful to have students back with us, connecting with each other and with us as we began our 2023 journey together.

During this first week of the new school year, our focus is very much around working together to ensure that we get off to a great start. This involves establishing routines and clear expectations about how we operate as a campus community, year level community and class community. It also includes developing classroom ‘Essential Agreements’ that set out how classes will work together to help create a positive learning environment for all students.

It has also been lovely settling into many of our new learning spaces and enjoying the opportunities that they provide for us as learners.

Once again, a very warm welcome to all new students, families and staff who have joined our community this year. We certainly look forward to getting to know you better over the coming weeks and months as you settle into our community.

God Bless

Michael Paech
Principal - St Johns’ Campus