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A message from the St Peters Campus Principal

New Beginnings

Welcome to 2023! The start of a new year is always an exciting prospect. The beginning of the 2023 school year at the St Peters Campus has been no exception as we officially join Concordia College as a third Campus ELC – Year 6.

It was wonderful welcoming all the new staff, students and families as well as the returning cohort back to school, refreshed and ready for a brand-new school year. New additions at Blackwood include fabulous Concordia signage and uniforms, new carpet and a resurfaced hard court - all signaling a new and fresh start for our community.

At St Peters we are beginning the year with a focus on consistent classroom and campus-wide systems and routines. Providing clarity and consistency around these has helped our community understand how we need to work together as a team and serve one another to achieve our goals. Implementing consistent systems and routines also has many other benefits, including reducing the cognitive load and increasing creativity!

I am excited to see the progress made by Concordia students in 2023 as we increase opportunities through cross-campus initiatives and collaborations. I am looking forward to the many partnerships that will emerge and develop with students, staff and parents across the College.

I pray this year will be a year of opportunity, growth, challenge and connection for us all.

Bronwyn Wilson
Principal - St Peters Campus