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Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

There are so many reasons to register for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in 2023. Students can begin the Award at Concordia when they are 14 years old. The Duke of Ed is an internationally recognised development framework for young people aged 14-24. Achievement is based on learning a new skill, improving physical wellbeing, community volunteering and team adventure.

Recent independent research about the impact of the program on participants strongly indicates the incredible value of the Duke of Ed experience.

Participants reflect on the value of the program:

  • 70% said they made new friends as a result of participating in the Award
  • 77% agreed they were more confident
  • 82% agreed they were more resilient
  • 79% agreed they now saw challenges as opportunities
  • Nearly 60% said participating during COVID-19 assisted them with their mental health and wellbeing

We congratulate the following students who have recently completed an Award – highly commendable, especially considering the various challenges presented by COVID-19.

  • Macy 11KSTA Silver Award
  • Zara 11EBAB Silver Award
  • Kelsey 10COHA Bronze Award
  • Leila 12JLEY Bronze Award
  • Lucy 11RAMO Bronze Award

Any student who would like to commence a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Ed Award is encouraged to visit for more specific information. Please email Emma Rieger to get started or have your questions answered.

Emma Rieger
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Award Leader