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A major focus for the College during the next period of strategic planning will be the shift towards aligning resources across a three-campus ELC to 12 structure. In 2023 we have already put additional specialist subjects in Music, Drama and STEM at the two primary campuses. Over time, we will include more specialist offerings where skilled teachers will teach certain subjects across a full range of year levels.

By providing a comprehensive and continuous ELC-12 education, students can explore their interests and discover new ones, helping to foster a lifelong love of learning. Exposure to wide-ranging subject offerings across a school journey can help students develop a broader perspective and better understand the world around them.

Another benefit of an ELC-12 school is that it can provide students with more seamless transitions during critical milestones such as the move from Primary to Middle School or Middle to Senior School. Skills and knowledge will be built incrementally and intentionally using a consistent instructional model, which students can relate to as their learning becomes more complex in terms of the skills and knowledge which need to be applied.

By providing students with a comprehensive and dynamic education, ELC-12 schools help to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities they will face in the future. This continued focus on building the skills and dispositions to prepare students for a rapidly changing future will be significantly enhanced through the opportunities which come from more diverse ELC-12 educational programs, where wellbeing and learning are deeply interconnected.

Concordia has already committed to a priority focus of building a consistent ELC-12 pedagogical focus in 2023. Students will see the results of this focus during the year and have the chance to provide direct feedback to their teachers. This ELC-12 focus will provide an excellent platform to provide consistency of high-quality teaching across all classes for every learner.

Paul Weinert
Head of College