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German Exchange

9 Feb 2023

During the summer holidays, six of the current Year 12 students had the opportunity to experience a white Christmas, spending two months in Germany as part of the German Exchange. Generally an annual event, it had been three years since the last group travelled to Germany (as a result of COVID-19), so this group was especially fortunate to be able to travel.

Our students involved were:

  • Lucy 12CFIL
  • Anna 12CFIL
  • Claudia 12KNIC
  • Charlotte (Charlie) 12KNIC
  • Kate 12JLEY
  • Zoe 12CFIN

The students had been matched with a German exchange partner in Year 10, and they spent the two months living with their partner’s family, attending school with their partner and taking part in family holidays, outings and celebrations. The exchange families are all located in Bavaria, providing many opportunities for our students to enjoy the snow.

Later this month we will welcome 20 German exchange students to Concordia; seven students who hosted Australians during the summer holidays, and 13 who are matched with our current Year 11 students (who will in turn travel to Germany at the end of this year).

'The German Exchange gave me the opportunity to spend Christmas and my summer holidays on the other side of the world. For two months, I lived with a German family and attended school with my exchange partner. Although the group trip to Berlin could not take place this time, myself and many others were fortunate enough to be taken there by our host families. We saw firsthand the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie and many other significant sights. The trip gave me the opportunity to learn how to ski in Italy, improve my German, experience a winter with snow, visit various Christmas markets in Bavaria and Austria, and attend a German Gymnasium (academic secondary school). Evidently, there were many highlights that made the experience so memorable. And while our half of the experience is over, we are all looking forward to our partners arriving in two weeks.' - Lucy 12CFIL

Judy Harris
German Exchange Coordinator