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Q&A with Catherine O’Halloran, Science Coordinator — Concordia Campus

1. Where were you before this and what persuaded you to join Concordia College?

I have been at Cabra Dominican College for the past 12 years. I loved teaching there, but felt it was time to move to enable more growth and development. I have only heard good things about Concordia in the community and I was impressed with the Unlocking Futures Framework being implemented at Concordia. I feel the values within this framework align well with my own philosophical values around teaching and preparing young people for their future. I hope to share some of my knowledge and understanding about teaching, and to learn more.

2. Three words to describe you.

Honest, empathetic, persistent.

3. What is your motivation or inspiration in your role?

I love helping young people on their journey to become the best that they can be. I have worked in scientific research before becoming a teacher, so I hope to inspire people to be curious about the wonders of science, and to understand how science works, and that Science is not a ‘siloed’ subject, but applicable to most things we do.

4. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Hmmm, that’s tricky – flying would be cool.

5. Who would you invite to a dinner party of six guests and why? Alternatively, tell us something you might like to share that we could not possibly know? 

I’ve been skydiving – twice!