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German Exchange Update

Concordia College was pleased to welcome 20 German Exchange students at the beginning of Week 5. These students are from a range of schools in Bavaria and they will be attending school at Concordia for the remainder of this term. The students have already immersed themselves into College culture, with Exchange students singing in a Chapel band, taking part in the inter-school swimming carnival and experiencing the novelty of wearing school uniform every day as well as using laptops in classrooms. 

A number of the students will shortly be participating in a one-week “Oceans and Outback” trip with German Exchange students attending other South Australian schools. The trip will provide the students with the opportunity to visit smaller South Australian towns, try surfing and learn about Aboriginal culture. The students in our German language classes are also looking forward to the opportunity to meet the German Exchange students and practise their language skills.

Judy Harris
German Exchange Coordinator (Concordia College)