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LESNW Primary School Student Leadership Day

On Monday 6 March, the Year 6 leaders from the St John's and St Peters campuses attended the annual LESNW Primary School Student Leadership Day at Immanuel College. The facilitator for the day was Emma Graetz, Grassroots Coordinator from Australian Lutheran College.

The workshop was aimed at equipping, inspiring and encouraging our students in their leadership roles for 2023. Throughout the interactive workshop, the leaders were introduced to the 4 S’s of student leadership, providing them with a holistic approach to effectively lead within Lutheran schools.

The 4 S’s of student leadership represent four key questions:

  • Significant others: What can I learn from other significant leaders I respect?
  • Spiritual Leadership: What can my spirituality bring to this situation?
  • Servant Leadership: How can I best serve in this situation?
  • Support: What support can I access to help me lead in this situation?

Our students learnt the understanding behind each question and then had the opportunity to apply them to real-life situations. After the workshop, the student leaders went back to the St John’s Campus to put some of what they had learnt into action in their House Captain and leadership roles for our combined Sports Day. We are in very good hands with exceptional student leaders in Year 6 at Concordia College!

Here 's what some of our students said about the Leadership Day:

"At the Leadership Day we learnt about the 4 S's of leadership; Spiritual, Significant Qualities, Servant Leadership and Support. I am going to incorporate these attributes into my leadership, especially servant leadership, as this is the reason why we are chosen to be leaders."Serena

"I enjoyed going to the Leadership Day. I learned lots of things, but one thing that I will take with me is that there can be a perfect leader, but you don't have to be perfect to be a leader."Maya

"I thought the training day was fun. I learnt about the 4 S’s of Leadership: Spiritual, Significant Qualities, Servant Leadership and Support. We looked at scenarios using these 4 S’s. I feel more confident with how to respond to different situations as a leader now."Georgia

"I enjoyed the collaboration and teamwork with students from other Lutheran schools. It gave me some good ‘behind the scenes’ ideas that I could use in my Spiritual Captain role."Samuel

"We drew portraits of people and recorded their significant qualities. We reflected on what qualities make people a great leader." - Bethany

Bronwyn Wilson
Principal - St Peters Campus