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Year 10 Morialta Excursion

9 Mar 2023

On Tuesday 28 February, the Year 10 cohort ventured to Mukanthi Nature Play Space and Morialta Conservation Park. The intention of the day was to broaden friendships while developing skills of resilience, kindness and problem solving. Students participated in group dynamics activities where teamwork, persistence and words of encouragement were required. It was wonderful to see competitive but fun-spirited games being enjoyed by all. Trust, respect and good listening were essential skills for students to plan a 2.5 hour hike. Students nominated themselves a specific role such as navigator, first aid officer or team motivator to ensure a safe and successful hike. It was fabulous to see how well students undertook their roles and challenged themselves throughout the walk. Reflecting on the skills used and how they can be applied back at school was an important part of the day. We are hopeful that these attributes, and the broadening of friendships, will become evident as the year progresses. A big thank you to all of the staff that made this day possible.

Rachel Paterson
Year 10 Leader