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Year 7 Camp

9 Mar 2023

The Year 7 Camp was outstanding!

The place we went to was Adare House in Victor Harbor. It has an amazing view of the water, great hospitality, nice dormitories and delicious food. Some of the activities we did include:

  • Mountain biking which was probably one of the best due to the awe-inspiring view of the ocean and the clean seaside streets.
  • The Flying Kiwi (which at first, you’d be like, what even is that?) but once you see it in action you understand a team of people (known simply as the pirate team) would pull the kiwi (the person strapped into a harness) up into the air and as a former Kiwi I can tell you that the view was unbelievable! You could see the ocean, Granite Island and even The Bluff! It was so freeing, soaring like a phoenix.
  • Shelter building, which was one of my favourites. We built a shelter (a flimsy one at that) and gave it a backstory. That was the best part for me as I love telling stories and building a world for other people to enjoy. This may have been small, but it was great, not anything near complete and it was made up on the spot, but apparently it was good enough for people to think that it wasn’t. 😉

When it was time to leave camp and go home everybody was excited but super tired. We had a great time, brilliant instructors and amazing teachers with the best activities topped with outstanding food; but it was time to go home and with a sigh of exhaustion, we left leaving nothing, but taking our memories... and that was the Year 7 camp of 2023…

By Ryder 7SMAR

Here is a reflection from another student, Brody 7SMAR:

“Meeting new people, playing new games and getting out of our comfort zone was great. One game that everyone seemed to like was the table carpet bowls, it was a big game and always attracted a big crowd. I think this was the best camp I ever went on, so thank you everyone."