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Gifted Awareness Week

The 2023 Gifted Awareness Week theme is The Diverse Faces of Giftedness. The focus of the week is on gifted individuals finding their own tribe to support their social and emotional health and intellectual engagement. Gifted individuals range from mildly gifted to profoundly gifted and include socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic diversity as well as those with a disability and many whose giftedness remains masked.

At Concordia College we seek to provide students with many opportunities to “find their tribe” with a diverse range of clubs and extra-curricular opportunities.

Within the last three weeks alone, we have offered a range of activities that foster enrichment, extension, leadership, service and teamwork. Below is just a small sample of what has occurred:

  • Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking competition (a national public speaking competition)
  • Debating competitions
  • Senior Ethics Olympiad
  • Pedal Prix
  • Generations in Jazz – a jazz festival / competition held in Mt Gambier, bringing together young jazz musicians from all over Australia.
  • ‘Walk my way’ – a walk to raise awareness and funds for the work of Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS)
  • Year 7 and Year 9 da Vinci Decathlon – an academic competition featuring 10 subject areas
  • Students entering pieces in the Young Writers Award of SA and registering entries for the Oliphant Science Awards
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award completions
  • Careers Expo
  • a wide variety of sport and music events
  • individual subject opportunities – visiting speakers and excursions to universities.

Our aim is to match student passions with opportunities – to help our students thrive.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning