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Walk My Way Australian Lutheran World Service Fundraiser

Walk My Way is a charity event run by Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) and on Thursday 11 May Concordia chose to host our own. Across all year levels, 60 students and teachers walked 18km from Bridgewater to Beaumont - a part of the Women’s Pioneer Track - to support the people of Turkiye and Syria as they recover from the recent devastating earthquakes in February.

Each participant helped to support the cause by raising money from around the community. As a school, we raised a total of $17,416. ALWS was able to use the money to provide necessities like food, water and shelter. ALWS works with many people worldwide to help them not only survive but to thrive. They help them build a life and provide them with the skills and resources they need, sharing the gifts and love of God in their work.

The track walked was originally used by the women of Hahndorf who would walk to the city in order to sell their goods at the market. On the way back, they would carry bricks to aid the construction of Hahndorf.

Although a rainy week led up to the event, the day of the walk turned out to be beautiful and sunny. The walk consisted of many amazing views such as looking over Mt Osmond and walking through Cleland Conservation Park.

"I was able to reconnect with friends from many year levels."Lincoln 10COHA

"Such an unforgettable experience, I would love to do it again."Sophie 10COHA

"It made me aware of the struggles and hardships that the women who had to walk this every day faced."Ely 10COHA

We would like to thank the community for taking action to help these people in great need and supporting us in the Walk My Way challenge!

Lexi 10RSOM and Maddie 10COHA