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Backflips Against Bullying

8 June 2023

On Wednesday 31 May, the Year 7s and Year 8s viewed ‘Backflips Against Bullying’ performed by Action Education, a program exploring bullying behaviours taught through parkour and flips. The performance covered important topics such as:

  • Power dynamics and resilience
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Physical, verbal and social harassment
  • Real-world consequences
  • Targeted and repeated harassment

"The educational presentation taught me that our words can be very hurtful and even if not intentional can really upset someone. It is important to know when a situation has been taken too far and that the appropriate actions should be applied to apologise. I really enjoyed the presentation as it was an interactive way to share the message about bullying across our community." - Sophie 8DLAN

Rachel Hogan
Year 7 Leader