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da Vinci Decathlon

We congratulate our Year 7 and Year 9 da Vinci Decathlon teams who recently competed at St Peter’s Girls’ School. The competition is named after one of the world’s greatest thinkers and scholars. 

There were 21 schools involved in the Year 7 competition and 19 schools in the Year 9 event. Each day involved an academically rigorous competition with activities requiring higher-order thinking, creativity, problem solving and most importantly, teamwork. There were competition papers across 10 disciplines: Mathematics, Code Breaking, Engineering, Cartography, Ideation, Art and Poetry, English, Science, Legacy (knowledge of da Vinci and the Renaissance period) and Creative Producers (an impromptu drama task).

To place in the top five of the state in any discipline is a massive achievement. We are thrilled that  we received the following places.

Year 7 Team
  • 4th in Art and Poetry
  • 5th in English
  • 5th in Engineering
Year 9 Team
  • 2nd in Ideation
  • 3rd in Cartography
  • 4th in Creative Producers
  • 5th in Legacy
  • 5th in Code Breaking 

As a result of these incredible individual discipline results, the Year 9 team placed fourth in the state overall and the Year 7 team placed seventh in the state. A huge congratulations to all of our team members on their extraordinary efforts and fabulous teamwork.

Photos are courtesy of St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning