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From the Middle School Leader

The aggregation of marginal gains

The 2023 school year has been filled with growth, achievements and memorable experiences that have shaped the lives of our Middle School students. As we near the beginning of the second semester, I want to share an important concept that we will be embracing in our Middle School community: the aggregation of marginal gains.

The aggregation of marginal gains is a powerful philosophy that highlights the impact of small, consistent improvements over time. It is the belief that by focusing on making incremental progress in various areas of our lives, we can achieve significant growth and success. Coined by Sir Dave Brailsford, the former performance director of British Cycling, this approach has revolutionised the way many people across the globe think about personal growth and achievement, whether it is in sport, business or education.

In our Middle School, we are committed to nurturing each students' potential. We encourage them to set small, attainable goals and celebrate progress along the way. Whether it's improving academic performance, developing new skills or fostering personal growth, we believe that every small step forward is a step closer to reaching their personal potential.

By embracing the philosophy of the aggregation of marginal gains, we are helping our students learn the value of perseverance, resilience and dedication. We are also helping them understand that success is not always about big leaps, but about consistently working towards their goals, even when faced with challenges.

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in supporting their child's journey of aggregated gains through encouraging them to set realistic goals, providing a nurturing environment at home and celebrate their efforts and accomplishments, no matter how small. By instilling the mindset of continuous improvement, parents and caregivers empower their children to develop essential life skills and a growth mindset.

In the Middle School, teachers focus on providing a supportive learning environment where students can thrive. Our priority is offering personalised guidance, constructive feedback and engaging learning opportunities to help students build on their strengths and overcome obstacles. Working in partnership, we can create a culture of growth and achievement, where every small gain is acknowledged and celebrated.

As we embark on the journey of a new school semester, let us embrace the power of the aggregation of marginal gains. Let us encourage our Middle School students - and all other students across our ELC-12 learning community - to take small steps towards their goals, knowing that each one brings them closer to success. With determination, resilience and a commitment to continuous improvement, our students can make remarkable progress, bringing them into alignment with the goals they set for themselves.

Clay Watkins
Middle School Leader