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Q&A with Megan Fyffe, Reception Teacher — St John’s Campus

1. Where were you before this and what persuaded you to join Concordia College?

Prior to arriving at Concordia this year, I had been teaching at St Paul Lutheran School in Blair Athol for the last 14 years and led the Junior Primary Professional Learning Community. It was very rewarding to be a part of a community committed to authentic inquiry learning. I was drawn to Concordia College as I am curious to explore inquiry through an IB PYP lens. I was also interested to join the school during an exciting time of change and growth.

2. Three words to describe you.

Creative, passionate, curious.

3. What is your motivation or inspiration in your role?

I am passionate about child-centred inquiry and play-based learning with young children. It is constantly interesting to explore the world with curious little people. The children are always teaching me so much about themselves through their play and questions.

4. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

As someone who appreciates the arts, I'd love to be able to pick up any instrument and play it.

5. Who would you invite to a dinner party of six guests and why? Alternatively, tell us something you might like to share that we could not possibly know?

My dream dinner party guests (living or not) would be:

  • Nick Cave - I've enjoyed many a Nick Cave gig but a whole evening spending time with such a brilliant musician, writer and fascinating human would be a treat.
  • Emily Dickinson - I'd be delighted to meet my favourite poet and hear her thoughts about her 19th century world and today's world.
  • Anthony Bourdain - I think he'd choose all the best dishes for us and I'd love to listen to his travel stories.
  • Haruki Murakami - One of my favourite authors. I'd enjoy chatting with him about all things Japanese as my favourite place in the world is Japan.
  • My husband and son - I think Howie and Henry-Lee would both enjoy the company and I always enjoy theirs.