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South Australian Senior School Ethics Olympiad

The Ethics Olympiad is an event in which students from different schools around the nation meet via Zoom to discuss interesting ethical issues in contemporary society. When judges are assessing the ‘Ethletes’ they are hoping to see excellence in respectful communication, active listening, the consideration of multiple perspectives, critical thinking, the offering of constructive feedback and the reasonable modification of stated beliefs in response to the opposition’s feedback. Team members need to be able to think quickly, demonstrate open-mindedness and justify reasons for their shared position on a particular ethical issue.

On Wednesday 24 May, we had two teams compete for the first time. There was a steep learning curve, but both teams rose to the challenge.

  • Team 1: Alexandra (10RSOM), Angelina (10COHA), Jade (10COHA), Kelsey (10COHA) and Sophie (10COHA) - Placed 6th of 27 teams
  • Team 2: Fergus (10JDIV), Jacob (10RSOM), Jack (10JDIV), Josh (10RSOM), Jake (10TMOO) – Placed 8th of 27 teams

Both Teams impressed, receiving Honourable Mentions from the judges.

Middle School

The South Australian Middle School Ethics Olympiad is on Monday 6 November 2023. We are looking for expressions of interest to form one Year 8 and one Year 9 team. There is a maximum of five students per team. Please contact Scarlett Lucero or Emma Rieger if you would like to be considered for this opportunity.

Scarlett Lucero
Humanities Coordinator