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St Peters Campus Year 5/6 Religions of the World’ Excursion

22 June 2023

At our St Peters Campus, the Year 5/6 students have been researching about the three major religions of the world. Our central idea is ‘Religious beliefs shape people’s thinking and actions.’

To help further our understanding of different religions, our class visited Playford College, an Islamic school.

Our students learned so much about Islam and about different cultures. We spent time playing with some of the Year 5 students from Playford College, as well as role-playing about what makes a good friend, and asking questions about Islam.

The Year 5 students from Playford also asked our students about our Christian faith, and our students did an amazing job in responding.

It was wonderful that our students were able to experience a school with a different faith and discover that there are actually a lot of similarities between our schools.

The unit has also covered the differences in Islamic beliefs as opposed to what Christians believe. Of particular interest has been the difference in beliefs about heaven, salvation, Jesus as the Son of God and the trinity.

Nick Kriewaldt
Year 5/6 Teacher