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Forensics at Flinders University

28 Sept 2023

The Stage 1 Biology students travelled to Flinders University in Week 9 to participate in Forensic Biology practical workshops. The Year 11 Biology students engaged in practical applications of the Biotechnology topic they have been studying. In the university laboratories, the students were shown how to use micropipettes to load samples into agarose gels which were then separated by electrophoresis. The students also analysed DNA profiles from crime scene evidence to determine relationships between trace DNA found at a crime scene and potential suspects.

Jennie Finch and Catherine O’Halloran
Stage 1 Biology teachers

Student Feedback

'As the first group of school students to use the new labs, we all really enjoyed the opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding of biotechnology processes including running a Gel Electrophoresis for ourselves and learning about how forensic biologists use DNA samples to identify victims and suspects. It was also beneficial to gain more insight into the real-life applications of these technologies such as in crime investigation and trials, poaching and illegal animal trading schemes and tracking endangered species as well as how we could get involved in the field after we leave school.' - Erin 11KSTA and Chloe 11KSTA

'I really enjoyed the Biology excursion and being able to experience the materials and new equipment that Flinders University offered. It was very inspiring and interesting to learn about DNA profiling and how it is professionally done, along with learning about the criminal profiling side of it. I learnt a great deal which I will keep with me throughout my life.' - Angelina 10COHA

'The trip to the Flinders University labs was very helpful and insightful as it taught everyone how workers in the forensics field can use various types of cells and DNA to gather evidence for suspects in court cases and it helped facilitate and strengthen our learning for our current unit on forensics and DNA.' - Ethan 11DWHE