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Knockout Sports Update

Year 5/6 Soccer

Recently, our Year 5/6 soccer team competed in the Large School sector of the School Sport SA Statewide Knockout Soccer competition. After a solid 5-3 win in the semifinal against Nazareth, we played Fulham North in the final. The team gave it their all, finishing with a silver medal.

Year 5/6 Basketball

Our Year 5/6 boys' and girls' basketball teams recently competed in the Large School sector of the Statewide Knockout Basketball competition. Our boys' team competed hard all day and were very competitive, finishing 5th overall.

Our girls' team won five consecutive games to make it onto the grand final game were they played Stella Marias. Down early, our girls rallied and fought back to be two points down in the final few seconds of the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the last goal and we lost 15-13 in a nail biter.

Congratulations to all the students who have represented the school - an extraordinary effort!

Mick Phillips
Year 3-6 PE Teacher and Sports Coordinator

Year 9/10 Basketball

Our Year 9/10 boys' knockout basketball team played on their new home court for the first time this week, hosting St Peter's College and Trinity College in our new Fortiter Gymnasium.

After defeating St Peter's by 10 points, Concordia played Trinity in the final game. The final result did not go our way; however, many of our boys were Year 9s this year and so there will be another opportunity in 2024.

David Serotzki
Boys' Sport Coordinator