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RACI Titration Competition

28 Sept 2023

RACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) runs a titration competition for senior Chemistry students each year. In the world of chemistry, titration is a fundamental technique that plays a crucial role in determining the concentration of a substance in a solution. It is used in environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical science and the food industry. This analytical technique requires a high level of precision and accuracy and enables student to develop their practical skills.

Senior Chemistry students competed in the school phase of the titration competition in groups of three. Two teams (Lucy 12CFIL, Violet 12KNIC, and Amy 12CFIL; Jasmine 12JLEY, Juliana 12JLEY and Jackson 12JLEY) had a combined error of less than 2%, meaning that they qualified to be invited to participate in the State round, which occurred in the undergraduate Chemistry laboratory at UniSA. Both teams performed very well, with one team continuing on to the National round of the competition. At the National competition, the Concordia team (Lucy 12CFIL, Violet 12KNIC, and Amy 12CFIL) showed very high analytical chemistry skills and were classed as an ‘Excellent Team’ meaning a combined error of less than 1%. This team was also ranked in the top 10 in the Nation, which is an outstanding result!

Catherine O’Halloran
Science Coordinator