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Year 8 Challenge Day

28 Sept 2023

On Tuesday 26 September, the Year 8s competed in their Challenge Day for the ‘Year 8 Home Class Challenge’ shield.

The day started with each Home Class sharing their class chant and parading their costumes of their chosen theme. Themes included Dynamic Duos (8LBON), Tradies (8NBRO), Hawaiian (8LBON), Sports (8KSPA), Road workers (8LSCO) and a Football Match (8DLAN).

The Year 8s then walked to Waite Oval where they competed in a fun run through the arboretum and took part in class activities on the oval. A special mention to James (8LBRO), who came first in the fun run.

In the afternoon students engaged in team-building activities, competing against one another for points to win the shield.

The overall winner of the Year 8 Home Class Challenge Shield was 8LSCO with their engaging chant and theme of 'Roadworkers'.

All students demonstrated fantastic teamwork throughout the day. Well done to all involved!

Rachel Hogan
Year 8 Leader