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St Peters Campus and St John’s Campus Reception Inquiry Day

Last term, the Reception students across both primary campuses were inquiring into the theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’. As a celebration of these units, the students came together at the end of the term at the St Peters Campus to participate in a day of nature play and art. The children had the opportunity to explore many of the nature play spaces, including tree climbing, hut building, ‘mining’ for treasures and creek exploration. Back inside, the children were able to move through construction stations where they had they opportunity to express themselves through different mediums – clay, paper craft, collaborative painting, woodwork and box making.

The St Peters Campus Receptions also linked this day back to their unit about ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, sharing with the St John's Campus Receptions all the things that were ‘important’ for the St John's Campus children, staff and parents to know. The St Peters Campus students did a fabulous job at communicating their thinking to their new friends, the St John's Campus children were wonderful risk takers at exploring new surroundings and participating in some new play experiences, and it was beautiful to see the way the children easily and naturally engaged with each other, forming new friendships through play and exploration.

We cannot wait to come together again soon for more collaboration and exploration, and to further deepen our connections and friendship with our cross-campus friends!

Reception Teachers