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Year 9 Concordia — The Rite Journey: The Adventure Camp

3 Aug 2023

With bags packed, a sense of excitement was in the air as each Year 9 family met in the Chapel at 6am in preparation for The Adventure camp. The Departure ceremony provided Year 9 families with a significant time of reflection on gratitude for childhood and accepting the challenge of growing into adulthood. Gratitude letters were exchanged, TRJ2023 beanies were presented and The Adventure began.

Concordia – The Rite Journey has just completed its most significant event of the year so far in The Adventure camp to the Flinders Ranges. It was an experience that the Year 9 students found challenging yet rewarding and a time where Concordia staff witnessed the students' personal growth and development of friendships. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience challenges in a supportive environment, try new things, experience some incredible views, build on their friendships, and possibly develop new ones throughout the week. The boys' and girls' camps both focused on the overarching theme of challenges and how working through them helps form our identity, resilience and, when experienced together, builds a sense of community. They explored what makes them the person they are and how they contribute to the wider group. This was experienced through physical, emotional and social challenges that the students were faced with throughout the camp.

The staff on both camps were amazed with the students' endurance, resilience and willingness to give all aspects of the camp their best shot. We were particularly impressed with the way each tribe (Home Class) bonded with the focus of a common goal and how this led to a great sense of community for the week of camp. I am sure the students will come away from this camp with a sense of personal achievement and an understanding that trying new things outside of their comfort zone will stretch them and lead to personal growth - a life lesson that we can all hold on to and need to be constantly reminded of.

A special thanks to the Concordia staff who supported The Adventure camp so well, along with the staff of Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures who supported everything we implemented throughout the week.

Ben Crook
Year 9 Leader