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Academy Learning Junior Stretch Conference

17 Aug 2023

On Tuesday 8 August, Concordia hosted a stretch and challenge “thinking day” to extend talented students in Years 7 to 9 from schools across South Australia. The event was delivered by Julie Arliss, a gifted educator from the University of Oxford. Over 150 students spent the day learning about the science of nanotechnology, philosophical foundations for different types of decision-making and so much more. This is the tenth year Concordia College has hosted both Junior and Senior Conferences in partnership with Academy Learning. Students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to take their learning beyond the constraints of the regular curriculum. A special thank you to Louise Thomas and Sian Lloyd who so warmly welcomed our guests to Concordia.

"The part I really enjoyed was the nanotechnology talk. I thought it was really interesting how the properties of different substances changed at the nanoscale – silver becomes a great disinfectant." - Zachary 8DLAN

“I particularly enjoyed new ideas around ethics and morals, and when we discussed complicated ethical questions. I also enjoyed learning about the ground-breaking nanotechnology. I hope to attend this again next year." - Oliver 8DLAN

"The day was filled with interesting and new ideas that really challenged the students to come up with solutions that are outside of the box. Interacting with other schools was a great experience as we could hear new opinions and work with new people.”
- Claire 9CRID

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning