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Dr Kiera Lindsey, Visiting Historian

17 Aug 2023

This semester our Year 7 students have begun learning about history as a discipline. As a part of their learning, they had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from historian Dr Kiera Lindsey from the South Australian History Trust.

Through her session What does a historian do?, Kiera shared insights into her work and how historians need to ask curly questions, always ask “Why?”, be aware of bias (including their own), use a range of sources (including their environment, oral histories, realia, photographs, recipes and natural environments), be curious and be sceptical.

Dr Lindsey is the author of three books and has appeared in the TV series Lawless: The real bushrangers, as well as on radio programs and podcasts.

Some of Dr Lindsey’s work also includes being a consulting historian for movies, and lecturing at the University of South Australia (where she was also the Senior Research Fellow - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education).

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager