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Library News — Book Week is almost here!

We at the library hope everyone has had a smooth transition into this busy term, as we have also been keeping busy getting ready for our favourite time of year – Book Week!

In the lead up to Book Week, students have been helping make paper flowers for all three of the Concordia campuses – keep your eyes peeled for these colourful blooms next time you are near your campus’s library!

This year’s theme is ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’, and the fun kicks off Monday 21 August with the launching of Makerspace, where kids can make bookmarks out of seeded paper.

The Makerspace momentum continues on Tuesday, alongside the opportunity for people to talk about their favourite books in their own #ConcordiaBookTok.

We keep things calm on Wednesday with a book buffet – people can relax with a mug of hot chocolate and one of the many new books we have in the Library.

On Thursday, Mrs Molloy will be teaching people the traditional Hungarian style of embroidery, known as Kalocsai.

Finally, Friday is a time to kick back and learn about some of the most inspirational people of the 21st Century, with a film festival and book tasting of famous biographies.

There will also be a range of activities available to Library visitors, encouraging everyone to read, grow, and inspire!

Catherine Manthey
Library Technician