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National Science Week 2023: Innovation

Fuelling Future Industries

Concordia marked the observance of National Science Week during Week 4 of Term 3. The theme for 2023 was "Innovation: Fuelling Future Industries." While this theme is quite expansive, it prompts us to contemplate how creativity and innovation have not only shaped our present lives but will also continue to shape our future. Whether devising ground-breaking solutions for challenges like climate change, pioneering advancements in medical sciences or venturing into the realms of space, the theme beckons us to reflect on these revolutionary changes. More than just possessing information, the ability to creatively unravel complexities is so important.

During the same week, Stage 1 students actively participated in Showcase lessons. These sessions encompassed a range of captivating demonstrations highlighting their learning in Stage 1 Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology. Subsequently, they passed on this knowledge to an invited audience of a class of Year 7s or 8s. Witnessing the younger students engrossed in these subjects was inspiring, while senior students relished the chance to impart their passion for their chosen fields of study.

Concordia had the honour of hosting Dr Lauren Thurgood, an Old Concordian (2000), during this eventful week. Dr Thurgood, now a lecturer in medicine and public health as well as a research associate in molecular medicine and genetics at Flinders University, shared her remarkable journey from Concordia to her current accomplishments. Her insights inspired students as they learned more about pathways they might take for similar success.

National Science Week's theme of "Innovation: Powering Future Industries" resonates deeply with our educational journey at Concordia. It underscores the profound role that creativity and innovative thinking play in shaping our world. Fostering these qualities isn't just about amassing facts, but about cultivating the ability to navigate the uncharted waters of progress with ingenuity and imagination.

Catherine O'Halloran
Science Coordinator