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Salvos Digital Doorknock and Sleepout

Staff Suffer Soakings and Students Sleepout to Support Salvos

On Friday 25 August the Concordia Campus gathered in the Quad for the (now) annual 'Soaking of the Staff'! During Term 3, our School Leaders have been working with the Salvation Army in Unley to support their Red Shield Appeal. Students were challenged to sleep rough for a night to raise money for the homeless and disadvantaged in SA.

For every $500 raised, staff members volunteered to allow students to dump buckets of cold water on them at lunch time. Over $9,000 was raised which meant many staff, including the Head of College, were soaked to the skin through their dress-up costumes.

Students were encouraged to do the sleepout in teams in their backyards over the weekend. There were about 10 different teams. Each team aimed to raise as much as they could. The School Leaders and the Middle School leaders had a competition that who ever raised the most could soak the other team. For the record, the Middle School Leaders raised the most and the Year 12 School Leaders went home cold and wet!

On behalf the School Leaders who organised the event, I thank all of the students who took on the challenge to sleep rough, the teachers who allowed themselves to be drenched and all of those in our community who generously gave to support this cause. The Salvation Army are extremely grateful, and our donations will be used locally to help the lonely, and any living in hardship.

Thank you, Concordia!

Mark Rathjen
College Chaplain