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St Peters Campus Year 2 Update

31 Aug 2023

It's time to dive into the captivating world of the arts and share with you the journey our Year 2 students have embarked upon this term as part of their ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. We have been delving deep into the ways in which people discover and express themselves through The Arts.

Our budding artists have shown curiosity and enthusiasm while exploring the myriad ways individuals use art forms to express their creativity and share their work. They have also been captivated by how technology has transformed the way we create and appreciate art. This was particularly evident when the students explored perspective through photography and composed their own piece of music using GarageBand.

Students also loved the sounds of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and led through the story-telling performance of ‘In this Place’, using music to evoke feelings and tell a story.

Throughout our arts exploration, students have been actively honing their artistic skills while embracing different techniques and methods to effectively express their ideas. From experimenting with vibrant colours and captivating compositions, to learning about texture, balance and spatial awareness, they have embraced the artistry within themselves.

Using a wide array of materials and media, our students have ventured into the creative process. They eagerly experiment and express themselves, their unique perspectives and imaginative ideas.

During our Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops students have explored the power of language and self-expression through poetry. They then enjoyed sharing their poems with their Grandparents and Special friends during our recent Grandparents' Morning.

Lisa Smith
Year 2 Teacher - St Peters Campus