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From the Director of Staff Administration ELC-12

Pre-service Teachers

We have been blessed to have worked with several pre-service teachers in many different teaching areas this year, and many others over the years.

We hear and read in the media that we have a teacher shortage, less school graduates wishing to enter the teaching profession and that many who win a position do not continue in the profession after one or two years.

As a College we are committed to supporting pre-service teachers to enable them to build their skills as capable and confident teachers when they step into a school. The experience in a school aims to give pre-service teachers a picture of what it means to be a teacher, to observe experienced peers and learn their craft.

Teachers at Concordia value their work with these pre-service teachers by willingly and generously sharing their expertise and in many cases collaborating with them and learning from them. These early experiences offer pre-service teachers the opportunity to observe different teaching styles and approaches, understand the many aspects of school life and actively contribute. Teaching requires knowledge, skills, patience and high levels of organisation. Predominantly, however, teachers are passionate and committed to their students, working and planning to enable students to succeed.

Without a doubt, there are times in each term when the workload is almost overwhelming – thank goodness for term breaks to catch up, revive and plan for the next term - but teaching and working with students, seeing them grow into young adults, is a joy and privilege. We hope that in offering pre-service teachers the opportunity to experience what supporting students in their journey at Concordia College means, it inspires them to commit to becoming a teacher - a person who can make a difference.

Vera White
Director of Staff Administration ELC-12