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2023 Valedictory Service

Last night we celebrated the Valedictory Service for the Class of 2023. Students, parents, caregivers and Concordia College staff gathered in the Chapel to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2023, as their formal lessons draw to a close this week and they head into a period of preparation for examinations. Pastor Dale Gosden shared an inspiring message with our students from Matthew 5:13-16 ‘You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world’ and Mr Rory Amoy presented a powerful Valedictory speech about the way small people taking small actions can change the world.

It was a wonderful evening of celebration, music and prayer, with each member of the graduating class of 2023 receiving a personalised letter from their Home Class Teacher, along with a gift from the College.

We are grateful for this group of students and proud to see the way they have grown during their time at Concordia College. We are also grateful for each of their families who have supported their children through their educational journey.

A particular congratulations to the following Valedictory Award recipients:

Concordia Award
  • Piper 12JLEY
Community Award
  • Will 12KNIC
  • Hanno 12CFIN
  • Juliana 12JLEY
  • Alicia 12KNIC
  • Asmitha 12HROS
  • Jacob 12TMCC
Arts Award
  • Ted 12KNIC
  • Henry 12CFIL
  • Leila 12JLEY
  • Adina 12KNIC
  • Tansy 12CFIN
  • Skye 12KNIC
Principal's Service Award
  • Marielle 12TMCC
  • Anna 12CFIL
  • Mina 12KNIC
  • Gemma 12HROS
  • Sophie 12CFIN
  • Claudia 12KNIC
  • Ben 12CFIL
  • Tahlia 12JLEY
  • Maxwell 12HROS

Daniel Wood
Senior School Leader