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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Boys' Sport


Saturday 21 October

  • 1st XI defeated Mercedes: 1/120-4/117. Best players: Jay (70*).
  • Middle A2 lost to Adelaide High School: 7/90-117. Best players: Benji (43).
  • Middle B1 defeated Unley: 6/75-6/60. Best players: Hamish (15* and 2/5) and Alessandro (2/4).

Friday 20 October

  • Year 7 defeated St Paul's: 10-2. Winners: Ethan, Erik, Darcy, Elliot, Finn, Patrick, Logan and Zane.

Saturday 21 October

  • Drive defeated Pulteney: 5-4. Winners: Josh S, Hanno, Ezekiel, Fraser and Edward.
  • Open A4 lost to St Peters: 4-5. Winners: Jack, Edward, Ethan S and Fergus.
  • Middle B1 lost to St Peters: 3-6. Winners: Isaac, Roxley and Mike.
  • Middle C1 lost to St Peters: 1-8. Winners: Archie and Jake.

Friday 20 October

  • Open A1 defeated Westminster: 2-1. Best players: Max and Ethan.
  • Open B1 lost Westminster: 3-0. Best players: Max K, Leroy and Riley.
  • Open A2 defeated Sacred Heart: 2-0. Best players: Tom, Rajat and Baxter.
  • Open B2 defeated Sacred Heart: 3-0. Best players: Sam, Henry and James.
  • Middle A1 defeated Pulteney: 2-1. Best players: Tom and Oli.
  • Middle B1 defeated Pulteney: 2-1. Best players: James, Nick and Isaac.
  • Middle C Navy defeated St Paul's: 3-0. Best players: James, Daniel and Roxley.
  • Middle C Gold lost to St Paul's 0-3. Best player: Seth.

Girls' Sport


Wednesday 18 October

  • Senior A lost to Westminster.
  • Senior B lost to Westminster.
  • Middle A defeated Westminster: 39-30. Best players: Annabelle, Silvi and Poppy.
  • Middle B - opposition forfeit.

Monday 23 October

  • Middle C1 defeated Saint Peters: 38-7. Best players: Emma and Sophia K.
  • Middle C2 drew with Wilderness: 20-20. Best players: Alyssa, Harriet and Elsie.
  • Middle C3 defeated St Peters: 42-6. Best players: Zoe and Lani.


  • CC defeated Scotch: 2/94-3/84.

Monday 16 October

  • Premier League lost to Seymour: 0-6.

Saturday 21 October

  • Div 2 defeated St Peters: 4-3.

Monday 23 October

  • Premier League lost to Walford: 0-6.

Saturday 21 October

  • Senior A1 defeated Pembroke: 2-1.
  • Senior A2 lost to Westminster (A1): 3-0.
  • Senior C1 lost to Westminster 0-3. Best players: Ella and Matilda.
  • Senior C2 defeated Pembroke: 3-0.
  • Senior C3 - bye.
  • Senior C4 defeated Pembroke.
  • Middle A lost to Pembroke: 1-2. Best players: Lola, Sammi and Stella N.
  • Middle B lost to Pembroke: 1-2. Best players: Talia and Stella V.
  • Middle C1 defeated Pembroke. Best players: Paige and Paris.
  • Middle C2 defeated Pembroke: 3-0. Best player: Taylor.
  • Middle C3 lost to Westminster: 0-3. Best Players: Amelia, Daisy and Poppy.
  • Middle C4 lost to Pulteney: 0-3. Best player: Elsie.